Your MaxCare service plan fee can be added to the amount you fund, so you pay over time (with interest), or it can be paid in advance less refunds than most advanced service plans The second thing you need to understand is that CarMax MaxCare-Plan is not managed by CarMax itself. Below, we read MaxCare and explain why we think you should choose an extended service plan from another provider. CARCHEX is another serious third-party company for advanced car warranty, which has been present in the industry for more than 20 years. The company offers five levels of coverage, which are subdivided into a total of 21 warranty contracts. Coverage ranges from full protection similar to the manufacturer`s warranty to basic protection for the transmission of your engine, gearbox and associated parts. This adaptation alone makes them more flexible than an extensive MaxCare service plan. To help you evaluate a CarMax Complete Service Plan, our evaluation team has documented two notable advantages and disadvantages of MaxCare to consider before purchasing. We work with you to find a plan that works for your car and your budget. We cover cars that are in 1997 or more recent, up to 300,000 km, so there is a very good chance that we have a plan for you. MaxCare also differs from most warranty plans on the market because it does not cover the exhaust system or catalyst. Relatively early in the car purchase process at CarMax, you`ll probably have the option to purchase an expanded MaxCare service plan. If you are considering CarMax for an extended warranty plan, we recommend that you receive offers from the following vendors when you make your decision. We have checked the best warranty providers in the entire industry and find that the following three are worth looking at.

At least you have custom price offers that you can compare apples with apples. Because many MaxCare vendors work with CarMax to sell extended service plans, there is no single plan. The coverage and cost of a particular plan depends on the third-party provider that manages the plan. CarMax itself has an A-grade from Better Business Bureau, but remember that all of its services are wrapped in this note. The sale of extended service plans is only a small part of CarMax`s business. Because the MaxCare service plan is a third-party contract for the service plan, you work with another customer service group to use MaxCare. In addition to the sale of used cars, CarMax sells extensive service plans, also known as extended warranties, for its vehicles. Although CarMax sells these extended service plans, CarMax is not the service plan provider. MaxCare (R) suppliers are third-party providers specializing in this activity for advanced service planning companies. Before evaluating CarMax`s advanced service plan, you must respect the factory warranty that comes with each vehicle purchased by CarMax. Unlike CarMax`s simple pricing system for cars, MaxCare plan costs and lifespans are not disclosed online.